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The reference for contemporary designer bathrooms


From new product design and engineering to manufacturing, product inspection and supply chain, quality is our keyword. Our products are manufactured with utmost care, following traditional know-how and techniques, and in conformance with the most stringent French, European and international norms, regulations, standards and certifications. 

contemporary designer style

We work with leading designers, architects and interior decorators to develop our new product ranges and anticipate future international design trends. Thanks to our long collaboration with talented French creators, we proudly add a “French touch” to all our designs.



We are experts at transforming latest concepts into breakthrough products that answer the expectations of the most demanding customers. We position ourselves as an innovative brand that brings breakthrough concepts, techniques, designs and functions to the marketplace. 

SERVICE above all

We provide outstanding service to our distributors and end customers: services about our products, our brand, the sales process, and the after sales. At all steps, and constantly, we provide service excellence.